when work is a pleasure life is a joy

it's raining whole days and I really hate this weather already :/ I won't update my facebook status every few hours to tell others how this weather sucks and I won't join groups like "Iceland owes us summer", but it doesn't mean I'm ok with it :D
here are some photos from the last days... me in a fitting room :D

I didn't buy this shirt, but I guess I will come back for it, what do you think? :) I reaaally hate my inability to decide!
I loved this cardigan, but it was quite expensive for an almost ordinary black cardigan :D

jeggins! I loved them, but they were too short :( I often have this problem

in my favourite bar Krásný ztráty (Beautiful losses?? haha, that sounds pretty funny)...an ermine that was staring and smiling at me...

this was a jacket of an old man that I met in a bus :) I guess he had no idea what it says :D but anyway, how cool is to have a quote on your jacket?

so true!


  1. Ta košile vypadá moc pěkně, takže já jsem pro :) A ani já se neumím nikdy rozhodnout - třeba dnes jsem si nekoupila jedny boty a teď jsem je obdivovala (zase) na jiném blogu. Je to děs tohle :D

  2. where did you find this cardigan? I like it a lot!

  3. <3 krasny ztraty... tam uz jsem taky nebyla, ani nepamatuju!
    a jestli je to ten cardigain, ktery jsem videla v H&M, tak naprosto souhlasim, ze je nejak predrazeny!
    mej se pekne - pocasi musime preckat do soboty!

  4. That is a cute cardigan .. I like that it is so simple, it would be such a staple in your closet (:

    Fernanda Lucila

  5. Hello pretty darling, I would like to send you some sunshine from here!!! Can you feel it? Sommer is coming ... ;D

    I would def. buy the shirt!!! Looks beautiful on you and your pretty blonde hair =)

  6. Veru: to jsem rada, ze v tom nejsem sama :))

    Asia a.k.a. Ashia: in Camaieu...I think I was there for the first time, because it started to rain harder and I needed to hide :D

    Eli: no ja to mam par kroku od skoly, takze jsem tam pecena varena :) mimochodem, maji tam ted uuuzasnou citronadu ;)

    Jesa: thank you dear!

    Fernanda: yeah, you are right....hmmm....I'll rethink it :D

    Susi: it actually worked! :-o the sunshine woke me! thank you so much sweetie!! *

  7. You're stunning!
    Lovely blog I already follow you;)
    Pls visit mine whenever you feel like it and if you wanna follow me I wont stop you:)

  8. The top is really pretty, love the details

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  10. Loving the quote!!
    You look super cute!


  11. Lovely blog, you're really beautiful :)

  12. Nice post, like it.... keep blogging.

  13. You're so beautiful! Love a good black cardigan!

    Delightful Bitefuls

  14. love the blazer!
    thanks for the gorgeous comment :D xx

  15. Love the post ! :) great quote.

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