flea market

today I went to a flea market in prague (it took place on rasinovo nabrezi - one of my favourite places in my city, full of swans and moist wind :) and I bought these beautiful owl earrings...currently I'm obsessed with owls!

the flea market wasn't big, it's quite new here, but some sellers had really amazing stuff
a fisherman who was shooing away the swans

very interesting swan... I guess it was a part of some exhibition. I would like to know what the real swan was thinking :D

drawings in bottles...a part of the exhibition as well. such an original idea!

and here is what I bought....

I had to buy this bracelet because it reminds me of summer and sea and beach and all good stuff... :)

so..do you like my new friends? :)
and I would like to thank you for all your lovely comments and birthday wishes! by the way, you can still enter my giveaway in the previous post, I will draw the winners on monday ;)
hope you're having a perfect weekend!!!


  1. Super úlovky! Ten prstýnek je geniální ^^ A ta labuť :D:D:D:D

  2. dekuju! taky z nej mam radost :) a labut byla vtipna no :D

  3. Krásné fotky a krásné věcičky!
    Můžu se zeptat čímpak fotíš?:-)

  4. diky Naty! mam canon 30d s objektivem tamron 2,8 17-50 ;)

  5. how do you always know about these awesome events??
    jednou prijdu na neco cool v praze, o cem jsi jeste neslysela=P
    doufam, ze sis uzila narozky!!!
    ten prstynek je supeeeer.

    p.s. the swan is thinking "wtf?" in swan lingo=)

  6. Eli, ani nevim :) vetsinou od kamaradu nebo z facebooku. jestli chces tip, pristi sobotu se chystam na farmarske trhy na kulataku :D
    ale myslim, ze prijit na neco cool v praze co neznam neni zas tak tezky ;)
    diky za pochvalu prstynku, ty slecny od kterych ho mam byly strasne sikovne!
    a s tou labuti souhlasim, haha :D

  7. Wonderful Snaps :)
    Take a look at my shots!


  8. Mila: I'm glad you like it!

    Suzie: dekujuu :)

    Dress Apple: thanks a lot!

  9. wow amazing place!
    looks really cool.

  10. I love the bottle art exhibition, and your new owl earrings. Looks like a great day.

  11. Loving the jewellery, especially the owl earrings!
    Off The Wardrobe

  12. the earings you bought are great! love the star ones
    great blog btw ! lovely pics
    id love for you to check my blog out
    and dont forget to enter in my giveaway

  13. Oh!

    Looks like you got some great things!
    Prague is such a lovely place :)

    Great pictures!

  14. ParisiannSkies: yes it was! :)

    Robyn: yeah, that exhibition was pretty interesting. thank you dear!

    Lis-x-: thank you! I'm happy you like them too :)

    Elena: thank you so much, I will check it out ;)

    Miss Gray: thank youuu! yeah, I love my city :)

  15. to je krasny, vubec jsem nevedela ze na Rasinaku maji blesi trhy... jak casto to tam je?

  16. Julia: podivej se sem, najdes tu vsechno info... http://www.prazsketrhy.cz/ ;)

  17. Skvělý doplnky, má to někdo štastnou ruku... :)

  18. mne sa páčia hlavne naušnice:)

  19. Tatiana: dik :) ale vybirala jsem si asi hodinu :D

    Foly D. Sante: to jsem rada! :)

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