I'm Zuzana, a creative mind from Prague, Czech Republic. I founded this blog in 2011 to inspire others by all the interesting things that I come across. I cannot live without discovering this worldcreating thingsphotography, sometimes I also levitate and sometimes I like to dress nicely. Oh and I like to buy things, too. I hope you will enjoy this sneak peek into my world! :) 

There is a lot of places on the internet where you can find me. If you want to stay in touch, feel free to choose from the following links!
  • SOML facebook page where I usually post funny things. Or at least I think you may find it funny. Or at least I do. 
  • Instagram where you can find my daily life. I am addicted to it right now!
  • My photography facebook page where I post my photographs.
  • Society6 where you can buy my prints. Or pillows with my photographs. Or mugs. Or whatever.
  • Bloglovin' where you can easily check my new blog posts.
  • SOML tumblr where I find and post my inspiration. (Oh I love this place ♥)
  • Lookbook where I post my outfits. 
  • Google+ where it's messy, because I still don't really understand it.
  • My photography tumblr where I post only my own photos. Very randomly. (And they can get quite popular, look!)
  • Ask.fm where you can ask me the weirdest questions and I'd be happy to answer them. (But I like compliments, too! :)
  • Pinterest where I keep on pinning and dreaming. 
  • Youtube where I post silly videos (But it seems like people watch them, see? :)
  • Deezer where you can listen to my awesome playlist :)
  • My twitter where I post...well, literally anything that comes to my mind.
  • And finally 500px, Behance, flickr and my personal website, where you can find my photographs. (Wow...do we -- ok, I mean "I" -- really need so many social channels?!)


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