bunch of inspiration ♥1 ... and winners!

sometimes I feel desperate because there are sooo many inspirational things on the internet and in the real life. it's hard to describe, but there are unlimited ways how to get inspired and what to create that sometimes I feel lost.
so... I decided to collect these things systematically and share the best ones on my blog. :) let me know what you think about it!

 (flower shoes)

(wonderful flower dress...I think it would match up with the flower shoes perfectly! :D)

(awesome ring for alice)

(born to be wild)

and here are the winners of my giveaway...a lovely plate lady was watching if everything is correct :)

the winners are...

Natali, Giovanna, Greta
congrats and thank you for participating!!! :)


  1. tie dievcata su uplne dokonale..:)

  2. the born to be wild photos are great! love them

    She Like Menagerie

  3. Just came across your blog, lovely :)
    You have a new follower...follow me as well ? <3

    xo Lynzy

  4. Becca: souhlasim ;)

    Widanastri Nawastika: hello :))

    Sammie Lyla: yeah, me too! thanks for stopping by!

    Lynzy: thank you so much dear :*

  5. Líbí se mi moc ten rámeček o mužích a ženách, je to krásná myšlenka;) Na vystříhání těch konfet bych asi ale neměla trpělivost:)
    A děkuju za komentáře a sledování!

  6. Alenko, nemas zac, ja taky dekuju!

  7. lovely pictures! well done to the winners!

    love from amelia of La Ville Inconnue.

  8. That little teacup ring is just so adorable. Also, love the pic of the two girls coming over the fence!

    xoxo, Ashley

  9. Beautiful inspirations :)
    I love all the cute floral things, reminds me of spring, which is only 2 months away!
    Vanilah xx


  10. Such a nice post! Love it :D Yay for the giveaway!!!! Jumping right now :D

  11. Wow great pics**

    This is an amazing blog...come see mine..


  12. I love this coffe ring!!!!!Regards from Spain!

  13. Great phots. I agree with you that there are so many inspirational things on the internet, but you chose some great ones.SarahD:)

  14. wááááááw. Tá prvá fotka! :) Ja chcem aby tie topánočky existovali :) Nádhera!

  15. Such inspiration!!! I would like to have the "fatal attraction" as a wallpaper! :D And then the floral dress!!! Just devine!!!

  16. Haha,
    I love that little piece about punctuation; I'm still laughing about it :P


  17. hahhaa yes my english teacher asked us to put punctuation in that sentence before saying the answers, and I have to say that I punctuated it like a man hahha shame on me :(

    Vero :)

  18. ahaha I love that punctuation sign! So funny! Gotta love thinking outside of the box.

  19. to o té interpunkci je skvělééé, připomnělo mi to třeba Sex ve městě 1, když Carrie píše na notebooku a napíše love. a pak love...

  20. I think its wonderful! I love all of those things, and now I feel inspired too! It's all so lovely.

  21. Hey Zuzana, thanks for using my 'Tea Time' teacup ring in your list of inspirational images. It's a cute ring - I would like to send you one! Let me know your details. Love madebymewithlove.com

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