my friend Olivia: part 1

this was my school assignment - shoot a film of portraits. so I spent a lovely afternoon outside making photos of my friend Olivia. she is a modern gymnast and she was a great and very flexible model :) you will see more of her in the second post, when I print the rest of the film!

she's trying to blow a nice bubble very hard :D

I had a few shots left, so I took a photo of our professor with his mum (she teaches photojournalism at our faculty, too) and Emil, their chivava dog.
 Emil joined us in the darkroom :D

I am so happy to attend class like this!
plus I am very happy that I finally found out how to change the little icon next to the url address of my blog, also called favicon. I wanted to change it since the beginning and I tried many tutorials, but I wasn't successful. until now! I found this one and finally I was able to change the ugly orange B :) if you have the same problem, it might help you too!


a new kitty in a box

my aunt sent me this photo, I had no idea we have a new kitty! (part of my family lives in a small village in Moravia, 4 hours from Prague and I visit them only during holidays)

it went into this box and was very happy there, because it fitted there perfectly :D its mother was angry though, because she wasn't able to go there too... 
poor mum!
it is also very funny colored, that black tail makes me smile :D very cute, isn't it? :)
anyway, I want to thank you for your sweet comments and that you are following my blog and enjoying my photos. I even noticed that I have my first follower on bloglovin! it's just awesome, I feel very popular now :D


morning sun

I love those mornings when the sun wakes me up and I know that I don't have to go anywhere and do anything. I prepare a nice breakfast and I'm looking forward to what this beautiful new day brings to me. 

and this morning was one of them.
yesterday I had the most amazing shooting with my friend Olivia. I used my analog camera and b&w film and now I'm dying of curiosity :D I just can't wait to see the results! the weather was perfect and so was my model... next week I will spend hours in the darkroom I guess :D
here is a funny "backstage" preview :D

 thank you all for your nice comments and have a wonderful sunday! <3


photoshoot with Stella

some time ago I had this photoshoot with Stella, a friend of mine. it was such a great experience, because she was acting so natural and it was very easy to make photographs of her. I only regret that the weather wasn't very good, it was quite gloomy that day.

 we got a lot of attention, many tourists wanted to take a photo with her :D

this one is my favourite...

 some people say she looks like a more beautiful version of Blake Lively here.. :D

and no, she's not a professional model :) but I really think she should be!


parking guide, bored couples and funny tourists

currently I'm obsessed with this song by Charlie Winston:

a British photographer Martin Paar came to Prague and I attended his lecture. it was sooo interesting, he is such a cool guy! I loved his British accent & humor. he was talking about his photography, what he likes and what inspires him.
I found very interesting that he adores kitsch. he showed us some photos of his collection of things with a face of Margareth Thatcher or a collection of the weirdest things that have a face of Barack Obama. here are some examples...

can you imagine travelling all over the world and searching for the most ugly pieces to have such weird collections? I think it's hilarious.

but Martin Paar is not only a collector, in the first place he is a great and imaginative photographer. he is interested in unusual topics and he published many books. my favourites are:

  • Parking Spaces - he was looking for the free parking places all over the world, then he made some kind of a parking guide. this idea is just amazing!

 (Brazil, Copacabana)

(Holland, Amsterdam)

(China, Shanghai)

 (Korea, Seoul)

  • Bored Couples - are those couples really bored? photographs sometimes don't show us the reality and what is "behind" the photo.
(FINLAND—On a ferry between Helsinki and Stockholm)
(NEW BRIGHTON, United Kingdom)
(MAJORCA, Spain)

  •   La Playa - Martin Paar hired the worst designers and this book has also many quality errors (for example there is no red color on some pages). martin paar just wanted the worst team to make this book!

  •  Tourism - it's a very interesting topic, important for many countries. and Martin Paar captured some brilliant moments. as you can see, tourists are really funny sometimes :D
(ITALY. Pisa. The Leaning Tower of Pisa)

(HOLLAND. Keukenhof.)

  (USA. Arizona. The Grand Canyon)


 (GREECE. Athens. Acropolis)

Martin Paar is also a member of Magnum, you can find his portfolio here. and www.martinparr.com is his official website.
and this is one of my favourite photos ever...he said he saw this woman and started to follow her. and when she came to this painting, he made a photo.
 isn't it just perfect?

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