I'm on a horse :-o

when I saw this video I was like pfff...20 minutes?? but then I started to watch it and it was totally worth it!!! for me, it's one one the best videos ever. plus the commercial itself is just genius.


my new hat :)



my awesome aunt made it for me and I love it! too bad the winter is almost over... :)
and here are some more pics from today... the snow is actually becoming pretty annoying...

song for today: 


saturday late evening

listen to this music...
and look at these photos...

I love roses. and I love making photos of them.
gotta love this feeling. 


I love...

The Forest from David Scharf.

bow hairband was on my I-need-to-buy list quite a long time. every girl wearing a bow hairband looks so pretty and cute. I saw and tried several types, but I had a definite view about it and none of them felt just right. yesterday, finally, I found this hairband in h&m

plus I bought a 0,5m long stripe of a black ribbon.

and another ribbon, so I can change the look of the hairband.

and this one is for summer :)

and I also bought this

because I want a DIY&b&w this

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