today is a wear a dress day

as you can see here ;) I think it's a cool idea.
so... I was wearing a dress!

two bows are better than one :)

and here I'm trying to levitate... :D

I hope you appreciate it, because it was quite difficult! ;)


  1. Jak jsi to udělala? :D Šatičky jsou kouzelné :)

  2. Veru: kouzlem ve photoshopu ;) ve skutecnosti jsem sedela na zidli :D

    Alenka: bohuzel ne :)))

  3. Porad nemuzu prijit na to, jak jsi se do te polohy dostala :) Kazdopadne fotky jsou supr a mi se navic moc libi to krasne kourove liceni oci!!!

  4. Hahaha, cute! Love the photos :)


  5. Really loving your blog! Your adorable!!

    Cheers, Jesa

  6. Alexandra: you have changed your name? :-o thank you so much!! *

    Suzie: haha, dekuju moc! jen jsem zvedla nohy a saty predkasala pred zidli, zadna veda :D a dekuju ze sis vsimla mych kourovych oci, ja myslela, ze to z tech fotek neni vubec poznat! :)

    Sweet Glow Beauty: thank youuuu!

    Jesa: ahh, you are sweet, thanks a lot! feel free to visit me again ;)

  7. you are gorgeous! That last photo is so cool.

  8. Love your dress and the hair color. is it natural?
    love :*

  9. Anna: thank you hun!

    Rigid Goddess: thank you so much :) well, my color is natural in summer, but in winter I have to help it little bit :D

  10. hej, tak jsi to zvladla i bez kouzelneho koberce=)
    a mimochodem pujdu diky tobe do langhans na fotky!
    dekuji za napad x

  11. Elisko, to me moc tesi! tak pak dej vedet, jak se ti to libilo ;)

  12. I really love your dress, you look like a doll, so pretty!

  13. I adore these pictures! :o)


  14. Suzana! LOL how did you do that one picture?!

    you're as pretty as any model i've ever seen!


  15. How can you fly in the 3rd picture? :o
    Mail back <3


  16. Geniální fotky! Takový profi ^^ A ta levitace je vtipná :D

  17. you look pretty funny trying to levitate :D

  18. Gemma: a doll, really? :D well, thank you! :)

    Style_Pursuit: thanks!!!

    agnes: merci ;)

    Steph: thank you sooo much sweetie! actually I was sitting on a chair and then I removed it. no magic, really :D

    DonnaRomina: I cannot fly! I wish I could!

    crazypig: moc profi nejsou, ale jsem rada ze tak na nekoho pusobi ;) dekuju!

    karolina: haha, yeah, I agree with you :D

  19. Nádherné šatičky, nádherná manipulace s fatkami. Opravdu moc vydařené! ;)

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  21. tak si tak o zkouskovym projizdim internet a na koho tu nenarazim..:D svet je maly..:)

  22. so great and cute!
    i love your blog <3

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