I couldn't be happier!

first of all: I am so excited!!! my photo won 2nd place in a photographic competition. people sent there 750 photographs and the jury thought mine was better than 748 of them! I'm just like wow :)
here is the original photo..

I took it a looong time ago with my very first digital camera (little olympus mju) when I was in Paris for the first time. it's like 5 years ago!
you can see that the quality isn't really good, I have no idea why they liked it. but I am very very happy they did :D
another exciting news: my favourite actor and probably the most handsome man on the planet (yes, I'm talking about Jude Law) is coming to the Czech film festival in Karlovy Vary. and I'm going there, too :) I can't wait to see him in real life!

and...yesterday I was in a very creative mood :) and I bought all these things...
I will show you the results soon!

I would like to say thanks to all people who read my blog and tell me nice things via comments. I appreciate it so much. and as a proof of my gratitude I decided to make a little giveaway :) and because 6 is my favourite number, when I gain 66 followers, I will make a giveaway! I'm still not sure what I will be giving away, so come on everybody, follow me to find out :D


  1. Congratulations!!! This is awesome!!! I'm really happy for you =)

    And then Jude Law!!! Oh my gosh!!! Love him!!!

  2. Congratulations Zuzana! Definitely well deserved!

  3. moc ti ratuluju! jde vidět, že máš oprvdový talent!
    A jsem zvědává jak dopadne to fimo;-) Brzy se pochlub s výsledkem ;-)
    jinak máš moc pěkný blog, objevila jsem ho teprve před pár dny, ale celý jsem ho musela projít, je moc zajímavý, jen tak dál;-)

    wow, woooooooooooooooooooh!

  5. Susi: ahh thank you sooo much! I'm even happier now when I know that you love him too! :D

    Boris: thank you! I'm glad you think that ;)

    Jani, dekuju mockrat! mam vazne radost, ze se nekomu zda tenhle salat z meho zivota zajimavy :D a urcite se brzy pochlubim co jsem vytvorila! ;)

    Ivy: thank you dear! :D

  6. congratulations!!!
    wow, it's really great news :)
    and I can't wait to see the results of your creativity ;)

  7. congratulations! i really love your photo, and i cannot wait to see the creativity results!

    love from amelia of la ville inconnue

  8. A big congratulations :) It is a lovely photo, very dynamic!

  9. jeee gratuluji, jsi sikovna!!!
    a JUDE LAW omg, jak to, ze budu v tu dobu zrovna v anglii=((((

  10. Congrats on the placing! I love the photo :)

    xx miss anonymous.

  11. oh Jude... he is awesome! <3

  12. passei por aqui para conhecer seu cantinho e adorei!!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

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