picnic with a yellow tulip

I had an awesome day yesterday. the sun was shining and I was in a very good mood thank to this lovely weather. and I decided to prepare a picnic.
this is how my plan began.. :D

preparing lemonade...so easy, so good. only lemon, water, sugar, ice.

cooking couscous...the easiest meal ever.

when it's ready..

and pork is ready too..

and so is salad and dessert :)

ready to go!
do you know this feeling? watching the sky, listening to singing birds and doing absolutely nothing, only enjoying those beautiful moments of your life....

and I got this beautiful tulip...I just love yellow tulips. and I also love getting flowers without any reason :)

remember when I told you about free luggage tags from KLM?
 it really worked!

this was a surprise for my boyfriend - they sent it to his address and instead of  his personal details on the other side of the tag I wrote there a short message for him. very sweet of me, don't you think? :D
I hope you're having an amazing week!


  1. i just love picnics and doing nothing moments, i live too near a park to not have picnics everday in the summer, it has become a rather dangerous habit.
    the luggage tags are so wonderful!

    love from amelia of la ville inconnue

  2. beautiful images, even greater food, lovely blog you have here


  3. Your pic-nic is great!!!
    Kisses from Rome!!!

  4. Amelia: I think it's a wonderful habit ;) thank you for your nice words!

    Asia a.k.a. Ashia: thank you so much :)

    jack bespoke: thank you dear, that food was delicious :) I love your blog too!

    Sim: thx!

    Alessandra: grazie!! ;)

  5. What an amazing blog you have here. I will follow you. :)

  6. as soon as the sun comes out in berlin, people go in the parcs and do PICNIC. I love barbecue and making many yummy salads ;) nice blog.


  7. Yummy! :)
    Nice pictures!


  8. thingsIlove: I'm so happy you like it here, thank you *

    katjusha: really? we were there almost alone! :) thanks!!

    Zuza: to teda! dekujuuu :)

    Teresa: thank you dear!

  9. just came across your blog, and i love it! what a lovely post, all the food look amazing, yes, very sweet of you indeed :)

  10. Jesa: exactly! :)

    StuddedLilly: thank you so muuuuch, I'm glad you love it here :D


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