me as a wedding photographer :)

this friday I had the honor of photographing a beautiful wedding. they are such a wonderful couple! I really like the first and last photo, do you like them, too? :)


portrait exhibition

yesterday I went to an opening of a new exhibition in langhans gallery in prague. if you are in prague and if you like portrait photography, you should go there too! :)
these portraits are 15 years old...

same girl, different faces... excelent idea

I loved this one (it was a huge print, you could see every detail of her face)...

and here are the artists who are participating on this exhibition...

this one also teaches at my uni...interesting guy :)

this guy was interesting as well :D

can you see what is written on his cap? he's got style, I must admit ;)
art and free wine with a friend of mine (who gave me a don't-make-photos-of-me face, but whatever :D)...a perfect evening!

and then I went to my favourite restaurant with my friends, to have dinner and some more wine :)
 doesn't this plate look just awesome? :)


I got another whale

that's how this t-shirt is called :)

the last week was crazy for me. I was shooting a prague international advertising festival which was a really great experience. the ticket for all three days cost 500 euro (!) and I could be there for free :)

plus the food we got was amazing :)

I usually look sad when I'm hungry :D

I also had to go to make some photos to the prague club karlovy lázně. it's a crazy place with an interesting mix of people (not in a good way).
it looks quite beautiful from the outside..
I like the 3D effect here :)

a fellow photographer :D

a group of german boys, they wanted me to take a photo of them

and then they took photos of each other with my camera :D


if someone of you would be interested, I have their email address :DD

yesterday czechs beat russia in ice hockey worlds final and won!!!!! the whole country is very happy now :)


three portraits of S.

she is my classmate and we went for a drink to do some project for school. after a successful creative brainstorming, I asked her if I could make a few photos of her, I had my analog camera with me.
she had a huge problem not to smile to the camera, because it's what she usually does. she has a really big smile :) but I wanted her to look natural. I took only three photos, but I really like the result of this super quick spontaneous shooting :) especially the third one. what do you think?

in b&w, she looks even more beautiful... pretty unfair :D
I hope to have a proper shooting with her in the future!


I got real mail today!

I love getting mail. I mean the real one, that you can actually touch and enjoy. it's much more personal than reading a computer screen!
today was a great day, because I got one package and one postcard. I was so happy about it! :)

and what was inside? well, many t-shirts :D

isn't this cat with the whale in her mouth adorable? :)

this one is a birthday present for my boyfriend, I have to laugh everytime I look at it :D (I love especially "birthdays mean you are one year closer to death" :))

and the postcard sent me Michelle, very sweet of her! thank you dear ;)

flying boys

I love playgrounds. I love to watch kids playing and I wish I had balls to take photos of them. I don't know why, but usually I am too scared :(
some time ago I made this photo and I am quite proud of it :)

 and just a few days ago I took this one...

these two photos are probably the only photos I have from playgrounds. and on both of them is a flying boy :D  the first one is digital, the second one is analog, I guess you can see the difference :)
my big inspiration to take such photos is a czech photographer Markéta Luskačová. her photos of playing kids are incredible...

there are no flying boys on her photos, but there are quite many flying girls! :D

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