my friend Olivia: part 2

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed making them! all of them were shot with nikon f-401, black and white film and developed and printed by myself. I know there are many imperfections, but that's magic of a film :D
my professor thought that the last one is the best, which one is your favourite? :)
and I want to say thanks to lovely Michelle from thymely thoughts who featured my photo that I sent to her challenge "snail view". I love her blog and she is a very talented photographer, you should check her out! ;)


  1. These photographs are beautiful, you are very talented : )

  2. Marie, you are so sweet. thank you!!

  3. your photos are so nice, did you take them with an argentic camera ?

  4. I have to agree with your prof, the last one has a timeless feel to it and the lighting is perfection!

    (thank you so much for the sweet mention!)

  5. Wow I seriously have no idea how you take such beautiful photos! How does it get that... hmm don't know how to describe it... "old" looking quality to it? Is it simply because its black and white? They are gorgeous.

  6. Geniální! Nejvíc se mi líbí ta desátá fotka s tím štětcem <3 Super světlo!Vypadá to fakt vintage, jako z nějakého starého filmu... Nemám slov :)

    A díky za comment ^^

  7. Beautiful photos! Did you make them?

  8. Marie: yes...and black and white film. thanks! :)

    Michelle: I'm really glad you like that photo, thank you!!

    MsHark: well, I think it's the combination of my camera & b&w film & also that they were developed and printed by myself...anyway, thank you so much! :)

    crazypig: ta serie s "francouzskym outfitem" je moje nejoblibenejsi, dekuju mockrat!! ;)

    Phuong: thank you! yes, they are all mine :)

    Natali: dekujuuuu!

  9. Amazing photos!! Good job girl! You are very goog, very talented!!!
    I really like the very much!!!
    Well done!!!


  10. wow, gorgeous!
    3,4,5 are my favorites, because of the amazing lighting!


  11. these pics are great...love all of them


  12. Your blog is great :D
    I follow you, if you want, you can follow me ^^

  13. wow great blog

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  14. My favorite might be the washed out ballerina by the window.. it's simply gorgeous. What a talented photographer you are!

  15. Beautiful, well done. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

  16. The last one is my favourite too :)

    stop by some time!


  17. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. Youe photos are amazing. You have a great eye for capturing timeless moments =)

  18. Giovanna: thank you so much, I'm glad you love them ;)

    Kelly: ah, you are so sweet, thank you!! :*

    Mila: thanks! well, the lightning on those photos is pretty weird :D they look almost surreal!

    iole: thank you dear!

    Paula: thanks a lot, I'm happy you like it here! :)

    Rule of Fashion: thank you!!

    Dee: thank you for your nice words, I really appreciate it <3

    Katie: thank you so much!

    miss anonymous: ok, thanks! ;)

    Chrissy: I'm happy you like them!

    Bri: well, now I'm blushing :D thank you very much :*

  19. LOVe uR BaLLeRiNa STyLe..


  20. wow amazing pics!! i follow you, i'm happy to find a great photographer!

    thanks forr your comment
    this is my photographer site http://web.mac.com/amicoalexandram/

  21. These are really stunning! I love them.

    To answer your question about my photos, I adjusted the brightness and added a soft gradient in Photoshop :)

  22. ALdO AKiRA: thank you, she was a great model! :)

    Mef: thank you so much!! for your answer and for your nice words as well ;)

    Anna: ah, ok, thanks! and I'm happy you like my photos!! <3

  23. Wow I have no words for my rapture!!! You're such a talented photographer!!!

  24. thank you Susi, you are so sweet!

  25. Jsou nádherné...opravdu nádherné..
    Ta první mě zaujala nejvíc

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