I got real mail today!

I love getting mail. I mean the real one, that you can actually touch and enjoy. it's much more personal than reading a computer screen!
today was a great day, because I got one package and one postcard. I was so happy about it! :)

and what was inside? well, many t-shirts :D

isn't this cat with the whale in her mouth adorable? :)

this one is a birthday present for my boyfriend, I have to laugh everytime I look at it :D (I love especially "birthdays mean you are one year closer to death" :))

and the postcard sent me Michelle, very sweet of her! thank you dear ;)


  1. i love getting mail, especially packages with clothes in :D
    i love this shirts!!

  2. yeah, those are the best packages ever :D thank you hun!

  3. It is amazing I love the t-shirts!!!!
    Specially the last couple!!!
    I can´t wait to see a post of you wearing them!

  4. Ahh, the cat shirt is incredible!!
    I also loved the libraries one (:
    It is great getting something through snail mail!

    Fernanda Lucila

  5. I'm so happy it arrived intact; it was a rather long way for it to go! (And the cat is adorable, and slightly frightening, in a godzilla-proportions kind of way)

    cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)


  7. Thank you for the invitation code on lookbook :) i love to get packages to especially from my boyfriend in america :)

  8. Bea: thank you! but mine is only the t-shirt with the cat, the other ones are gifts :)

    Fernanda: yeah, that libraries one is pretty funny :) and it's also a gift for my boyfriend, I hope he will love it, too!

    Michelle: long way indeed ;) and thank you once again, I loved what you wrote on the postcard <3

    Denise: thanksss :)

    FASHION-VERONIQUE: which one? :) thank you! I'll take a look ;)

    Margherita: you are welcome! hope you are enjoying being part of that special community :D

  9. Nádherná trička! A nádherné fotky:))

  10. Mmmhmm, packages with clothes inside are the bestest thing about snail mail. The t-shirt you got your bf is hilarious! I like all of them in fact, but that the unicorn is too good :)

  11. Natali: diky!

    Dee: so true! ;) thank you :D

    micol: thanks :)

  12. those t-shirts are awesome! I love the library one.

  13. Haha great tees, I thought exactly the same when I saw the last one, at first sight it's all so fairytale like but when you start reading it's so pessimistic haha hilarious!

  14. Cool tees!


  15. Moc se mi líbí tričko ,,now panic and freak out"! Skvělý nápad. A tvá poslední fotka je nádherná

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