homemade book :)

today it's been three years since me and my boyfriend started dating. I wanted to give him something very special, just because he deserves it :) so I decided to try to do a little book full of nice pictures and words. I used my favourite pictures that I saved to my computer from the internet, but I don't remember the sources, I am sorry about that!
work in progress...

almost finished :)

look inside...

and that's the end of the book :)


  1. so cute! love this homemade things! great job!

  2. ohhh, how sweet!
    so creative, too!
    love it (:

    Fernanda Lucila

  3. MEF and Fernanda, thank you!! my boyfriend loved it too :))

  4. wow. im serious , that is the cutest idea i have ever heard! how did you come up with something so neat? you must be a really creative person, and you did a good job to, it turned out so beautiful!

  5. Wow, it´s very sweat!:-* And really nice of course.:)

  6. He's a very lucky boy! (and you two make such a cute pair!) Do you mind if I ask how you bound the book? It looks very professional :)

  7. OMG!! I LOVE IT!! so beautiful!! GREAT JOB!!

  8. Aww so cute PLUS creative!!! Well done, hun! =)

  9. Margherita: haha, thank you, but I think there are many ideas that are even cuter! :D well, I was thinking about what to give him quite a long time and this idea came to my mind, so... I made this little book :) thank you so much!*

    Mielle: thank you!!! I just hope you mean sweet, not sweat :DD

    Michelle: thanks a lot, you are so nice to me :) well, it wasn't professional at all! I only sewed those pages together, I didn't even used a ruler, so it was very irregular :D but whatever, it's magic of handmade things! :)

    Iva: wow, thank you! <3

    Susi: danke schön!!! ;)

  10. Greener Bangalore: thank you! and huge thanks for following me :*

    robyn michelle-lee: haha, yeah, sometimes I am :D thank you!

  11. hey, i dotn have lookbook because i dont have an invite code, do you know where i could get it? thank you

  12. sweet!! great idea!!!


  13. this is such a sweet gift idea! I wish I had the patience and creativity to do something like this. It looks beautiful.

  14. Margherita: if you don't have an invitation code, you can apply for invitation ;) or... you can send me your email ;)

    Natali: dik :))

    Francine: thank you!

    andie: it's interesting, because I'm not patient at all. but if I'm doing something creative for someone that I care about, I am totally different patient person :D

  15. That is so so beautiful and sweet! and all the pictures are amazing! I love the first quote. I wish you a lot of happiness with your bf, you look great together :)

  16. This is so beautiful! I really love that idea. My boyfriend doesn´t like to celebrate his or anyones birthdays but If I got him such a sweet book I´m sure he would change his mind.
    Good luck you two;)
    Btw. I love your photos and I follow you:)

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