my friend Olivia: part 1

this was my school assignment - shoot a film of portraits. so I spent a lovely afternoon outside making photos of my friend Olivia. she is a modern gymnast and she was a great and very flexible model :) you will see more of her in the second post, when I print the rest of the film!

she's trying to blow a nice bubble very hard :D

I had a few shots left, so I took a photo of our professor with his mum (she teaches photojournalism at our faculty, too) and Emil, their chivava dog.
 Emil joined us in the darkroom :D

I am so happy to attend class like this!
plus I am very happy that I finally found out how to change the little icon next to the url address of my blog, also called favicon. I wanted to change it since the beginning and I tried many tutorials, but I wasn't successful. until now! I found this one and finally I was able to change the ugly orange B :) if you have the same problem, it might help you too!


  1. Greats shoots!!!
    And this little doggy is soooo cute!!!

  2. Amazing picutres!!
    great job! i realy liked it!

  3. Kelly and Bea, thank you very much! :)

  4. Great pictures!!
    They are truly unbelievable.

  5. the first one is my favorite, the shadows, the smirk, the little twinkle in her eye, it is so beautiful! (and it's made even better by the fact it was hand developed!)

  6. you're really like this kind of assignement are just so cool!love all the pics! love iole

  7. The pictures are perfect! Beautiful girl none the less =)

    Btw: Great that you could understand the german quotes!!! Happy you liked it! <3

  8. I studied photography for 2 years :)
    I had to do many things like this!
    Great Job!!
    - Adele


  9. you are so talented! and your friend is gorgeous! Like you! haha. I love the dog too, I have a chihuahua :)


  10. Fernanda Lucila: thank you!!

    Michelle Elisabeth: the first one is my favourite as well! thank you so much! and yeah, hand development adds something to those photos for sure (like dust and scratches :D)

    Vicki: thanks! :)

    Marla Singer: I'm happy you like them :)

    iole: yeah I love them, school is finally fun for me!

    Susi: yes, she is! and by the way, she's german ;)

    Adele: well, now I kind of regret that I didn't choose to study photography...so I am very happy I can have at least lessons like this :)

    Steph: ah thank you so much! it means a lot, really, thank you. and chihuahua is a perfect dog, isn't it? :))

  11. Oh my, these are so lovely!
    I especially love the kitten pictures, I have two little girls myself and thay are the light of my life and the focus of my camera many times:)
    Happy blogging, from a newbie blogger.

  12. wow these are beautiful, you are very talented! What camera did you use? x

  13. Terry: thank you very much for your nice words and also for following me! I really appreciate that <3

    Clare: ah thank you so much!! I use nikon f-401.

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