flying boys

I love playgrounds. I love to watch kids playing and I wish I had balls to take photos of them. I don't know why, but usually I am too scared :(
some time ago I made this photo and I am quite proud of it :)

 and just a few days ago I took this one...

these two photos are probably the only photos I have from playgrounds. and on both of them is a flying boy :D  the first one is digital, the second one is analog, I guess you can see the difference :)
my big inspiration to take such photos is a czech photographer Markéta Luskačová. her photos of playing kids are incredible...

there are no flying boys on her photos, but there are quite many flying girls! :D


  1. you got some great shots! and your inspiration is incredible. I hope you overcome your shyness because the result is well worth it.

  2. Amazing snaps Zusan....i liked the first one

  3. Found you through Andie, love your work!

  4. I love your first photo. Good work! =)

  5. these are all amazing photos! I love playgrounds, and these capture the children's innocence and spontaneity wonderfully. Thanks for sharing!

  6. i think the first you took is so beautiful

  7. andie: yeah, that's exactly what I try to keep on my mind: it's worth it. thank you!

    Greener Bangalore: I'm happy you like it, thanks! :)

    Paige Baker: cool :D thank you so much!

    Anna Lorraine: thank you dear! *

  8. muchlove: thank YOU for reading my posts! ;)

    Margherita: I'm glad you like it!!! thanksss

  9. great photos xxx

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  10. Super fotky! Líbí se mi hlavně ta první ♥ A ta fotografka je též geniální :)

  11. wow great funny pictures i remember my school day great
    thanks for the post

  12. Natali: :D

    Rule of Fashion: thank you for stopping by! ;)

    sarah: I'm glad you like them!

    crazypig: diky moc :) je, nejvic!

    stylechanges: great :) thanks for reading! ;)

  13. Seriously, just coming back and looking at these again. You are so great!


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