sound of the ocean

I started to plan my summer holidays and it made me miss the sea so much! I just can't wait to relax on the beach and listen to the ocean.
ahhh I love my beautiful country but sometimes I hate the fact it's landlocked. but on the other hand, it makes the summer holidays and travelling to countries with seas and beaches even more special :)

these photos are from Cyprus, two years ago.
well, I usually hate how I look on photos when someone else takes them and I have no control of the camera, but these are exceptions, because they mean beautiful memories to me. I hope you can feel the atmosphere through them :)
if you like travelling and things for free, I would like to share this link with you. you can design your own luggage tags there and they should send them to your home address. I used it as a surprise for my boyfriend, I wrote there some nice words, added a photo of both of us and sent it to his address. so let's see if it works :)


  1. I love your blog because every time I come I am seriously shocked by the beautiful photos you post! These photos are gorgeous! I love them. I love how your hair is blowing in the wind, and the one of you sitting down looking at the ocean. I wonder what you were thinking at that moment!

    I also love the water.


  2. :O nooo they're STUNNING! you are so gorgeous in these :D
    thanks for the lovely comments! xx

  3. Yes I can feel it! I want an ocean next to me - right now!!!

    Wistful photos! Love them!

  4. Steph: thank you so much for your support, it means a lot! and I hope you have a great and stressless flight! ;)

    Margaret: thank you, I'm so happy you like them! and thank you for stopping by ;)

    Susi: great, me too! :D but I will have to wait...exams first :/

  5. Beautiful pictures, beautiful sea

  6. Skvely blog, moc se mi libi!
    I adore your blog and I will cerainly be coming back to read more from you :)) Please check out my blog too and if you like, comments and follows are much appreciated! :)) <3

    Have a fab day!!! xxx

  7. Margherita: thank you! :)

    Pixie: to jsem moc rada, dekuju!!!

  8. i just can say WOW!!! very beautiful.. my God. how i love the sea.. the ocean. i would stay there for a life time! love your blog
    I'm following youuuu :)
    kiss kiss*

  9. lovely outfit...great photo shooting...very nice blog

  10. so so so lovely! The second one is stunning, I love the sun flare, the colours, it's beautiful :)

  11. these are so lovely!! the second to last is my favorite!! Hope you are having a nice weekend!!

  12. The images on your blog are so inspiring! Great blog! you are fantastic!!!

  13. Amazing pics, your hair is TDF


  14. I think you look absolutely stunning :)
    I love Cyprus I have been a couple of times!
    Oh wow this luggage tag site is great thanks!
    - Adele

  15. Irina: thank you for your lovely comment and for following me! I hope I won't disappoint you :)

    THESTREETFASHION5XPRO: I'm happy you like it, thanks!!

    Phuong: thank you :)

    Michelle: you are so sweet, thank youuu!

    Iva: thank you for stopping by! I hope you had a great weekend too! mine was just perfect :)

    Lady Marmalade: ah, thank you so much, but I don't feel fantastic at all :D

    LA: I had to find out what "TDF" means, I've heard it for the first time! but now I know and I can say: thank you!!! :D

    Adele: thank you dear! :) cyprus is great, I spent there five weeks and it was one of the best time of my life. I have many beautiful memories connected to that place. and I'm happy you appreciate that tag link! ;)

    Natali: mockrat dekujuuu :*

    FEDERICA: wow you are so nice :) thank you!!!

  16. Gorgeous beautiful pics and you have great style! :)
    XO Veronica

  17. these are all lovely pictures of you!
    i especially like the second one.


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