portrait exhibition

yesterday I went to an opening of a new exhibition in langhans gallery in prague. if you are in prague and if you like portrait photography, you should go there too! :)
these portraits are 15 years old...

same girl, different faces... excelent idea

I loved this one (it was a huge print, you could see every detail of her face)...

and here are the artists who are participating on this exhibition...

this one also teaches at my uni...interesting guy :)

this guy was interesting as well :D

can you see what is written on his cap? he's got style, I must admit ;)
art and free wine with a friend of mine (who gave me a don't-make-photos-of-me face, but whatever :D)...a perfect evening!

and then I went to my favourite restaurant with my friends, to have dinner and some more wine :)
 doesn't this plate look just awesome? :)


  1. that exhibition is so interesting! I could spend hours looking through them. I love the way it shows the same girl four times, each is so different they could be somebody else! And your food looks so amazing its making my mouth water just now!

  2. thank you andie! yeah, those portraits of the same girl are really interesting, I would love to do a similar project! :) thank you so much for commenting :*

  3. Hi Zuzana, very nice pics, congrats and thanks for sharing!

    xo Mela

  4. Nádherné fotky:) Ta galerie vypadá zajímavě:-)

  5. Haha, I get those kinds of faces all the time- the ones that say "don't you dare take a photo of me"

    It looks like an excellent exhibit. Kinda makes me wish I was in prague right now. :)

  6. Amazing pictures :b

    Can you follow me , and i'll follow you tooo ?:D



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