morning sun

I love those mornings when the sun wakes me up and I know that I don't have to go anywhere and do anything. I prepare a nice breakfast and I'm looking forward to what this beautiful new day brings to me. 

and this morning was one of them.
yesterday I had the most amazing shooting with my friend Olivia. I used my analog camera and b&w film and now I'm dying of curiosity :D I just can't wait to see the results! the weather was perfect and so was my model... next week I will spend hours in the darkroom I guess :D
here is a funny "backstage" preview :D

 thank you all for your nice comments and have a wonderful sunday! <3


  1. love your article :) and the first photos are nice

  2. Great blog! Your so lucky to be able to do shoots like that! x

  3. prve dve fotky su nadherne, ty si fotila?

    M ###

  4. You know, I don't think I've ever seen a shot of the delicate petals of a tulip used to capture background texture; it looks like a gingham pattern; lovely!

  5. amazing post <33
    Love the pics, they are so clear :)
    and the last shot is funny and nice; love how you're dressed.


  6. I love those mornings too :) XOXO

  7. those are the PERFECT mornings!! i love your photos, they are soo soft and dreamy looking! btw, i am a new follower of your lovely blog! =)


  8. Marie: merci ! ;)

    Adele: lucky? how do you mean that? everyone who has a camera and a - at least one - friend can do that :D

    Blue is in Fashion this Year: thank you, I'm sooo glad you like them!

    Miruska: ano, jsou ze vcerejsiho rana :) dekuju!

    Michelle Elisabeth: cool! that was my intention ;) and thank you so much, I really appreciate your comments, fellow photographer! :)

    A.: thanks a lot!! yeah, the last shot is pretty funny ;) I have even funnier backstage photos from this shooting, though! :D

    Eva Dreams The Wonderful: yeah, me too! one of the best flowers :) thank you!

    Vero: they are just perfect, aren't they? ;)

    Sandy a la Mode: ah, you are so sweet! I'm very happy you like my blog, thank you sooo much!!! <3

  9. your food and flower shots are great, soo vibrant.

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