prague free fashion weekend

today I visited code:mode - prague free fashion weekend, which means three days full of fashion, fashionable people, design, great music and inspiration. I took some photos to share the most interesting things with you!

 some cool necklaces

 awesome tops and t-shirts

I can't help myself, but I'm crazy in love with shirts that have a face.

solid collection of original earrings


this reminds me of my childhood when I played with my barbie dolls and they had a supermarket with the same bottles :)

beautiful bags
 I love the butterflies!!

great boots

cool vintage stuff
this dog is so ugly. I love it :D

I adore old family photographs...
they are wonderful, aren't they?

very interesting notebook cases

I fell in love with this skirt!

he's got the style :)

 DIY t-shirts workshop

I love that coat!

 buttons, buttons, buttons

this girl has such an amazing hair style!

 changing rooms like that should be in every clothes shop :D

pink deer? well, everything is possible

this belt has a shape of czechoslovakia!
original notepads
lovely collection of pillows


ballerina skirts...I love their colors

 this is one of the coolest things - covers for tissue boxes

 I think this is also very cool, they call it shoe glam!

dog as a belt and scorpion as a necklace? why not :)

 awesome design, I wish I had something like this at home
I loved the wallets on the left!

fashion is not only for young people...

it is also for the youngest ones!
goodbye code mode, see you next year!


  1. great photos!! looks like a lot of fun :D
    the girl with the pink hair is AWESOME xx

  2. Amazing photos!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    The old pictures with couples are very nice!
    Love your post!


  3. Margaret: yes, she is...I don't think many people would look that good with that hair :)

    Kelly: thank you for reading and commenting! ;)

  4. wow...all these pica and stuff are so cool...loving all...I'd love to go there too. ps
    audreys earrings and ballerina skirts are my faves. love iole

  5. Wow very unique stuff!! I love browsing fairs like this.


  6. thank your for your nice comment :) ( i'll do my best to make my blog easier to read even in french don't worry ^^ ) I love your photos, I can't comment each of them because it would take me a very lonng tiimmme but i love them, they're so interesting :)

  7. Super cool post! I want to come to Prague! Urgently ;D

  8. Wow great place! I love those notepads!
    And the earrings WOW! haha
    Did you buy anything?

  9. iole: thank you! I loved those skirts too!

    Steph: yeah, me too! I wish this fair was more often than once in a year!

    Marie: you are welcome! and thank you for your nice comment as well :D

    Susi: haha, thanks!

    Vero: unfortunately I didn't, if I would start to shop there, I would spend all my money :D I was rather observing and gaining inspiration :)

  10. ahoj skvělý fotky z CodeMode...nepamatuješ si od koho byly ty balerina sukně???jednu takovou schánim strašně dlouho...dík Terka

  11. diky Terko! ty sukne byly z odd roomu, http://www.odd-room.cz/

  12. ohhh, this looks like so much fun!
    I would've gone crazy in that place
    You have one more follower now(:


  13. thank you very much, ferni! :)

  14. oh my gosh! this place looks AMAZING! I wish we had something like that nearby!

  15. Love them....the code mode in general is perfect idea!!


  16. Soo much inspiring stuff - heaven on earth! (:

    Good idea to post & share those pics. They are really good.

    I completely LOVE this place!



  17. This is cool! I love the bags and the first photos of the necklaces. Cool setup!

  18. I love that NY top! These photos are great. I just found your blog and think it's wonderful :)


  19. lavienouveau: that place was amazing ;)

    Lucy: dekuju!

    Sveni: thank you for coming to my blog!!

    Orgo Cosmetics: thanks :) I'm glad you like it!

    Grace: ahh, you're so sweet, thank you so much :*

  20. those jewelry displays are stunning!!

  21. i love this photos and vintage things <3<3<3
    very nice blog!!!
    pass to my blog and follow me ;)
    xoxo francesca

  22. Škoda že jsem tam nebyla, tak alespoň tvým prostřednictvím trochu:).

  23. hi tHeRe..
    iT's My fiRst ViSit tO uR bLOg..
    LOVE iT!!!
    cOoL bLoG..


  24. krasne fotky! krasna moda ! byva to casto v Prahe? Skocila by som na maly shopping ... :)


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