bow hairband was on my I-need-to-buy list quite a long time. every girl wearing a bow hairband looks so pretty and cute. I saw and tried several types, but I had a definite view about it and none of them felt just right. yesterday, finally, I found this hairband in h&m

plus I bought a 0,5m long stripe of a black ribbon.

and another ribbon, so I can change the look of the hairband.

and this one is for summer :)

and I also bought this

because I want a DIY&b&w this


  1. I loveee the headband<333
    I've been looking for smth like that for ages; it's nice and not too big like we find anywhere; not too colorful and no too heavy.<3

  2. uzasna celenka:)... cerny s velkou maslickou!

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